bosom (

     adj : very close in friendship or affection; "a bosom buddy"; "an
           intimate friendship" [syn: bosom(a), intimate]
     n 1: (archaic) the chest considered as the place where secret
          thoughts are kept; "his bosom was bursting with the
     2: a person's breast or chest
     3: cloth that covers the chest or breasts
     4: a close affectionate and protective acceptance; "his willing
        embrace of new ideas"; "in the bosom of the family" [syn:
     5: the locus of feelings and intuitions; "in your heart you
        know it is true"; "her story would melt your bosom" [syn:
     6: either of two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs on
        the chest of a woman [syn: breast, knocker, boob, tit,
     v 1: hide in one's bosom: "She bosomed his letters"
     2: hug, usually with fondness; "Hug me, please"; "They
        embraced" [syn: embrace, hug, squeeze]