Definr search extension for Firefox
Search quickly with Definr and Firefox

How to look words up quickly

Four pretty easy methods, sorted by usefulness.

Method 1: Add the Definr search extension to Firefox

In Firefox's search box, click the icon with the little arrow. Then, click "Add Definr dictionary search".

Adding Definr search to Firefox

Method 2: Define Firefox keyword

  1. Right-click in the Definr search box and select Add a Keyword for this Search...
  2. In the Name box, type Definr
  3. In the Keyword box, type d and click the Add button

Now, just click in the address bar and type d hangover to search for "hangover" on Definr!

Method 3: Use Ctrl+Enter

In Firefox's address bar, type definr/hangover and press Ctrl+Enter to look up the word "hangover". Firefox will type the "http://" and ".com" parts for you.

Method 4: The Definr bookmarklet

Drag this link to your Firefox bookmark toolbar: Look up with Definr