limit (

     n 1: the greatest possible degree of something: "what he did was
          beyond the bounds of acceptable behavior"; "to the limit
          of his ability" [syn: bounds, boundary]
     2: final or latest limiting point [syn: terminus ad quem, {terminal
     3: the boundary of a specific area [syn: demarcation, {demarcation
     4: as far as something can go
     5: the greatest amount of something that is possible or
        allowed; "there are limits on the amount you can bet"; "it
        is growing rapidly with no limitation in sight" [syn: limitation]
     6: a mathematical value toward which a function goes as the
        independent variable approaches infinity [syn: {limit
        point}, point of accumulation]
     v 1: place limits on; "restrict the use of this parking lot"
          [syn: restrict, restrain, trammel, bound, confine,
     2: place under restrictions; limit access to [syn: restrict]
        [ant: derestrict]
     3: restrict or confine, as to area, extent, time, etc. [syn: circumscribe,